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The Wildlife Conservation Research Unit, known as the WildCRU, has a mission to achieve practical solutions to conservation problems by undertaking original research on aspects of fundamental biology relevant to wildlife conservation and environmental management.

Our key objectives are to do good science in order to effect improvements in environmental policy. We also seek to train and develop conservation biologists within the WildCRU, and to educate a wider public.

The WildCRU was founded in 1986 by Professor David Macdonald, but its roots go back to the early seventies to a group known as The Oxford Foxlot, which specialised in carnivore biology.

Today, we are sited within Oxford University's Zoology Department, with close college links to Lady Margaret Hall and to the University's Field Centre at Wytham.

Our research is organised into a series of collaborating teams, called portfolios. These include foci on endangered species, wildlife diseases and pests, fundamental ecology, farming and wildlife and wildlife and people.

Much, but not all, of our work involves mammals, and we have a penchant for carnivores. However, our team involves ornithologists, entomologists and botanists.

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Contact Details

Director: Professor David Macdonald

Department of Zoology
University of Oxford
South Parks Road

Tel: +44 1865 271289
Fax:+44 1865 271211

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