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The RSPB is a conservation charity working for a healthy environment rich in birds and wildlife. It is the UK partner of the global federation of conservation organisations, BirdLife International. The RSPB is the largest conservation organisation in Europe with over one million members. We work at local, regional, national and international level and carry out research into birds, their habitats and how these are affected by a wide range of human activity. We work to encourage an appreciation and understanding of the environment by ensuring that it is included in the National Curriculum. We have a junior membership, Wildlife Explorers, which is the largest wildlife club in the world for young people, and our teenage members are also part of the RSPB Phoenix. We manage more than 160 nature reserves throughout the UK which are home to 80% of the country's rarest or most threatened bird species. Our Wildlife Enquires unit deal with over 70,000 enquiries each year on a wide range of conservation issues from feeding garden birds, nestboxes and wildlife gardening to tricky legal enquiries and advice about habitat management.

The RSPB does not have the expertise or facilities to cater for sick, injured or 'abandoned' baby birds. We advise members of the public to seek practical help from their local RSPCA centre.

Dates Referenced August 2001
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The Lodge
SG19 2TF

Tel. 01767 680551

Fax. 01767 692365

Switchboard is open for calls from 8.30 until 17.30 Monday- Friday

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W84.Feb04.w2 Feeding wild birds: When to feed wild birds http://www.rspb.org/birds/whatyoucando/feedinggardenbirds/when_to_feed.asp
W84.Feb04.w3 Feeding wild birds: How to feed birds http://www.rspb.org/birds/whatyoucando/feedinggardenbirds/feeding.asp
W84.Feb04.w4 Feeding wild birds: Hygiene - vital precautions http://www.rspb.org/birds/whatyoucando/feedinggardenbirds/hygiene.asp
W84.Feb04.w5 Feeding wild birds: What food to provide http://www.rspb.org/birds/whatyoucando/feedinggardenbirds/what_food.asp
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W84.Feb04.w7 Feeding wild birds: Deterring unwelcome visitors http://www.rspb.org/birds/whatyoucando/feedinggardenbirds/deterring.asp
W84.Feb04.w8 Feeding wild birds: RSPB products to help you to help birds http://www.rspb.org/birds/whatyoucando/feedinggardenbirds/rspb_products.asp
W84.Feb04.w9 Feeding wild birds: Don't forget wild birds during cold weather http://www.rspb.org/birds/whatyoucando/feedinggardenbirds/coldweather.asp
W84.Nov05.w1 Cliffe Pools http://www.rspb.org.uk/reserves/guide/c/cliffepools/index.asp

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