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This information has been taken from the Swan Rescue Sanctuary Website.

The Swan Rescue Sanctuary was founded by Ken and Judy Merriman in 1994 having spent several years converting 18 acres of farm land into the haven for swans that it is today. The main aim of the sanctuary is to treat and release swans as soon as possible back to the wild, but sometimes swans need long term care.

We have created 40 ponds & lakes to cope with all the demands that the swans need. We have recovery ponds, treatment ponds, orphan cygnet ponds, therapy ponds, family group enclosures, flight practice ponds, retirement ponds for the old and weak swans and the lakes for the main flock, plus all the wild swans that come and go all the year around, especially in winter the number can swell to 500+ swans, also all the other waterfowl that need a safe environment

We treat and care for swans with a variety of injuries including those that have become entangled with fishing line and hooks, over head power lines (the biggest hazard to swans) also road traffic accidents and sadly deliberate cruelty.

Most swans are returned to the wild after treatment but many due to their injuries will need the protection of the Swan Rescue Sanctuary to live out their lives in the safe environment we have here for them. Here they can amble around have a swim, socialise with each other in peace and quiet.

We offer a 24 hr rescue service for swans.
Large sanctuary of 40 ponds and lakes.
Hospital and intensive care.
Veterinary support.
Free advice and help line.
3 fully equipped rescue ambulances

Dates Referenced August 2001
Contact Details

Swan Rescue Sanctuary
Crooked Withies
BH21 7LB

Tel. 01202 828166

Fax. 01202 828 166

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