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This information has been taken directly from the National Fox Welfare Society Website.

The National Fox Welfare Society is a voluntary organisation with no paid members, all of the work carried out by the Society is by people who are concerned enough to want to do something positive for the welfare of foxes across the country.

Injured Foxes
The N.F.W.S. has volunteers across the country enabling us to get a rescuer out to an injured or sick fox usually within the hour, wherever it may be. A great many of our calls come from the RSPCA, and countrywide we can deal with 500 calls a month from them alone.

For sick and injured foxes across the country, we will ensure they are rescued as soon as possible. For foxes suffering yet still mobile, we will get a cage trap on site as soon as we are able. For foxes suffering from leg injuries and mange, we will send treatment out within 3 days free of charge. For orphaned fox cubs, we will rear them, introduce them to their adopted family, i.e. another three or four orphaned cubs, and we will reintroduce them back to the wild. For people with an interest in foxes, we will send them information to help them learn more. For people with problems with foxes, we will give advice so as to solve the problem whilst ensuring the foxes go unharmed. For cruelty cases, we will pay for autopsies in the hope of prosecuting the perpetrators.

We have a phone that is manned twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. We receive no company sponsorship and have no grant income. Despite all the drawbacks, we have never been unable to get a contact out to an injured fox wherever it may be in the country. We strive to get a contact out to an injured fox within the hour. No donation will be spent on colour leaflets or wages. All money received will be spent directly helping the much maligned fox.

Fox Cubs

In 1998 we rehabilitated 166 fox cubs that figure increased to 260 for 1999. All our cubs are released through a soft release program on land where there is no hunting in any form and where we have the landowners permission to release them.

Soft release is a process where the fox cubs will be put into small groups of about five, placed in a pen on the land they are to be eventually released on and all contact with them is then avoided so they naturally revert back to being wild. After twelve weeks of confinement the door is left open and the cubs are free to go. Food is then left down for at least six weeks and this is to ensure if any of the foxes are having difficulty finding their own food they know where to come back to.

Dates Referenced August 2001
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National Fox Welfare Society
135 Higham Road
NN10 6DS

Tel. 01933 411996

Mob. 07778 183954

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