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The Fox Project is Britain's foremost fox information and advice bureau and is utilised daily by householders, local authorities, RSPCA and other wildlife and conservation groups.

The main thrust of the organisation lies in providing means by which people can learn to understand and live with foxes to both species advantage. This may involve advising concerned householders on how to treat sick or injured foxes that are coming to their gardens or, conversely, assisting householders suffering with 'nuisance' foxes who may be digging up flower beds, fouling lawns, etc. It may simply be providing general information to people who want to know more about foxes.

Our advice on fox deterrence is largely based on humane, non-toxic repellents which alter fox behaviour and avoid capital punishment for what are usually minor matters. In this regard, we provide a call-out consultancy service and a DIY Helpline, the recorded advice on which changes with the fox seasons. We have also published a pop ecology/deterrence manual called "Unearthing the Urban Fox" priced at 4.95.

Our other main aspect involves a wildlife hospital, specialising in fox rescue and fox cub rehabilitation. Annually, we rescue and treat an average of 550 foxes per year and successfully rehabilitate up to 120 sick, injured and orphaned fox cubs back to the wild.

Dates Referenced August 2001
Contact Details

Mobile ambulance
07778 909092

Pre-Recorded Advice Line
Urban Fox Deterrence
01892 826222 

Head Office
01892 824111

The Lodge
Kings Toll Road

Other Contacts

Humane Urban Wildlife Deterrence
To book a deterrence call-out or to enquire about call-out service fees
call John Bryant on 01732 357355

email John Bryant



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