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The Deer Initiative is a broad partnership of statutory, voluntary and private interests dedicated to "ensuring the delivery of a sustainable, well-managed wild deer population in England".

The partners abide by the principles of The Deer Accord and encourage others to share their commitment and priorities as an integral part of their management of deer.

The Principles of The Deer Accord

  • A sustainable and balanced population of wild deer
  • A humane, responsible and sensitive approach to the management of wild deer
  • An experienced and knowledgeable capability in deer management
  • A partnership approach to reducing the adverse environmental and economic impact of wild deer

How the Deer Initiative Works

The Deer Initiative Council is made up of representatives from the partners and has responsibility for determining policy and setting priorities in pursuit of their stated objective. The Deer Initiative staff co-ordinate all activities agreed by the Council. The Deer Initiative is a registered charity with a Board of Trustees drawn from the full partners.

Constitution and Rules

Organisations and individuals who sign the Deer Accord, agree to abide by the Constitution and Rules and pay an agreed fee, can be invited to become members of The Deer Initiative. The Council will consider all such applications and determine the level of entry and rights of membership.

Deer Management Groups (DMG)

Wild deer are increasing throughout England. In some areas, populations have already risen to the point where serious damage is being caused to woodlands, crops and environmentally sensitive areas. As herds range over wide areas, land managers need to co-operate with neighbours and co-ordinate activities through Deer Management Groups.

The Deer Initiative can offer help and financial assistance with the establishment and running of a DMG.

Dates Referenced August 2001
Contact Details

The Deer Initiative
PO Box 260

Tel. 01823 451900
Fax. 01823 451880

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