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This information has been provided by the Association of Local Government Ecologists (ALGE) and is supplied in its original format.

The aims of ALGE are:
  • Promoting good principles and practice in nature conservation in local government;
  • Providing a forum for exchange of information and ideas on nature conservation matters between professional officers in local government;
  • Providing regular advice on nature conservation matters to local authority associations and officer societies;
  • Advising and liaising with other bodies working on related matters.

The responsibilities of members of ALGE, who all work within the local authority sector, include:

  • Advising on the inclusion of biodiversity into Community strategies, Local Agenda 21 work, cross cutting Best Value targets and EMS.
  • Ensuring preparation and implementation of Local Biodiversity Action Plans, in partnership with others, biodiversity forums and the preparation of sectoral LBAPs for local government.
  • Advising on, establishing partnerships for, or managing biodiversity data including Local Record Centres in line with National Biodiversity Network guidance.
  • Advising on the development of biodiversity policies in development plans and their implementation in all development control work.
  • Raising public awareness and encouraging community involvement, education and participation.
  • Managing local authority owned land, including declaration of Local Nature Reserves, and management of POS, school grounds, countryside facilities, roadside verges, woods etc.
  • Advising and assisting other land managers and owners, either directly or in partnership with other organisations.
  • Advising on integrating biodiversity into land drainage and flood defence works.

Members of ALGE are not usually involved in assisting members of the public in relation to animal welfare issues, though many ALGE members in their own time, provide advice on bats and bat roosts, undertake badger sett protection work, inspect caged birds and those bred in captivity to ensure compliance with the law and undertake swan rescues.

ALGE members are not best placed to advise members of the public how or where to contact animal hospitals or sanctuaries, but may give general advice as to how to treat an injured bird or animal where the injury is not serious, or how to deal with a wild animal that has got into difficulties.

Dates Referenced August 2001
Contact Details

Ms Annie Cooper, Chair of ALGE Environmental Services Dept
Derbyshire County Council
County Hall

Tel. 01629 580000 Ext7167

Website Address --

annie.cooper @ derbyshire.gov.uk

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