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Bridge House Trust - Corporation of London

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This information has been provided by the Bridge House Trust and is supplied in its original format.

The Corporation of London has a long standing commitment to the environment and runs a number of key open spaces in and around London. These include Epping Forest, Hampstead Heath and Burnham Beeches.

The Corporation also manages the Bridge House Trust, London's largest grant making charitable trust. The Trust aims to benefit Londoners through its grants programmes, one of which concerns environmental conservation.

The London Waterfowl Project and the London Wildlife Project of the Wildlife Information Network have been made possible largely through funding from the Trust, which has a grants budget in the current year of over 15 million. The Wildpro modules "Waterfowl: Health and Management" and "UK Wildlife First Aid and Care" were produced as a direct result of this support.

The Trust is keen to encourage applications from charitable organisations seeking to undertake environmental work in Greater London. We are particularly interested in:

    • supporting environmental education projects
    • local environmental work which involves volunteers
    • maintaining biodiversity
    • protecting and improving the natural environment
    • encouraging sustainability

Delegates are welcome to take a copy of our guidance brochure and to approach the Trust to discuss projects which meet our criteria. Delegates from local authorities and other ineligible bodies are welcome to pass information on to colleagues in the charitable sector and asked to encourage them to approach us for guidance.

Dates Referenced August 2001, September 2004
Contact Details

Bridge House Trust 
Corporation of London
PO Box 270, Guildhall
London, EC2P 2EJ

Tel. 0207 332 3710

Fax. 0207 332 3720

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