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The Edward Grey Institute of Field Ornithology is a sub-Department of the Zoology Department, founded in 1936 in memory of the former Chancellor of the University, Earl Grey of Fallodon. The Institute houses the Alexander Library, which is the best ornithological library in Europe and one of the best in the world. It is much-used by research workers from other parts of the UK and we welcome ornithologists from other parts of the world.

The library is supported by the British Ornithologists Union who provide much of the material; a good deal of the work for the Birds of the Western Palaearctic (Oxford University Press 1979-94) was carried out there. Although its staff participate in teaching, their main duties are supervising research students and carrying out research. There are normally about 20 research students in the Institute, working on birds; most of the work is done in the UK, but currently there are students whose field work is carried out throughout the world.

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The Edward Grey Institute of Field Ornithology
Zoology Department,
South Parks Rd.,
OX1 3PS, UK.

Telephone: (01865) 271275

Fax: (01865) 271168

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