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The following centres all rescue, rehabilitate and then release injured or abandoned wild seal pups. This work along with educating visitors about seals and their conservation is known as our ‘SOS Seal Rescue’ campaign. The centres combined, rescue over 100 pups each year. All centres rescue both common and grey seals apart from the National Seal Sanctuary who only care for grey seal pups. Each centre also has specialised enclosures that provide a permanent home for adult seals that are unable to be returned to the wild.

All centres can be contacted regarding any marine mammal emergencies (seals & cetaceans), information on marine mammals, rehabilitation & husbandry of captive animals. All centres apart from the National Seal Sanctuary have large marine aquariums and work with a wide range of marine animals. These centres can also be contacted for general information on marine life and conservation. We are also keen to learn of any unusual sightings of marine life i.e sunfish, turtles etc.

If marine animal rescues are outwith the geographical area covered by a particular site we will often advise people to contact the SSPCA/RSPCA or British Diver Marine Life Rescue (nearest branch).

We often get queries specifically about dolphins and whales or where they can be seen. Although we can give out information on these animals there are other organisations that have more information than ourselves i.e. Hebridean Whale & Dolphin Trust and the Whale & Dolphin Conservation Society.

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Contact Details

Scottish Sealife and Marine Sanctuary
Contact Mr Mark Steward
PA37 1SE

Tel. 01631 720 386

Fax. 01631 720 520



Scarborough Sealife and Marine Sanctuary
Contact Mr Paul Bullimore
Scalby Mills
North Yorkshire
YO12 6RP

Tel. 01723 373 414

Fax. 01723 376 285


Hunstanton Marine Sanctuary
Contact Mr Kieran Copeland
Southern Promenade
PE36 5BH

Tel. 01485 533 576

Fax. 01485 533 531

National Seal Sanctuary
Contact Ms Ellen Preston
TR12 6UG

Tel. 01326 221 361

Fax. 01326 221 210



Blankeberge Sea Life Centre
Contact Ms Nathalie De Pauw
Koning Alber 1 Laan 116
8370 Blankeberge

Tel. (0032) 5041 0000

Fax. (0032) 5042 4424

24hour seal rescue- (0032) 4773 45890


Note. Phone lines generally open from 9am till 5pm (except 24hr lines).

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