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This information has been provided by the WildLife Care Trust and Hospital and is supplied in its original format.

The WildLife Care Trust has two aims:
  • To rehabilitate sick, injured and orphaned wild animals.
  • To educate the general public on methods of care for wildlife and promote understanding and respect for our environment.

The Trust has faith in education as the means to improve wildlife welfare in the future, as prevention is preferable to cure; to this effect it presents talks to local schools and groups.

Also our phone-line is open for any concerns you may have about wildlife. We will freely offer all the information we hold on British wild animals.

In the eventuality we would not consider ourselves to be the most specialised organisation for a particular query, we will refer you to the most suitable help.

In co-operation with local veterinarians, the WildLife Care Hospital is providing first class care to its patients, nursing them back to health and freedom in the wild whenever possible.

Although we offer much advice on larger animals, like foxes; the Hospital specialises in the care of smaller wild animals, which do not require too large a space in order to be comfortably treated such as garden birds, hedgehogs, amphibians, bats, voles etc.

Large casualties will be referred to organisations which have the space necessary to offer them adequate care.

For the welfare of the animals in our care, the Hospital will never allow itself to become overcrowded. It is therefore imperative to ring before animals are brought in to the Hospital.

Priority will be given to wildlife local to SouthWest London; although we regularly admit patients from further afield when space allows (Greater London; Surrey and Middlesex mainly).

Note: we do not have the means to collect casualties.

The Hospital is open 8am to 8pm (subject to change in winter: the quiet season).

The Hospital is not open to the public as wild animals benefit from being kept in a stress-free environment, therefore the Hospital's address is kept at a low profile both for security reasons and our patients peace.

Dates Referenced August 2001
Contact Details

Ms Sylvie Sedig
WildLife Care Hospital
London SW20

Tel. 0786 6092 007

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