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The Society was formed in 1858 and is the major body for the recording of the flora and fauna of the London area within a 20 miles radius of Saint Paul's Cathedral.

To this end and for the education and entertainment of its 1100 members, a comprehensive programme of indoor and outdoor meetings is held throughout the  year. This includes coach trips to locations outside the Society's area.

The Society publishes two journals annually, the London Bird Report, which is devoted entirely to Ornithology, and the London Naturalist dealing with all facets of natural history. In addition, books such as atlases of breeding birds, butterflies and moths, are published. A survey of Buckingham Palace Gardens has been completed and the second volume of the findings is due for publication later this year. A bi-monthly Newsletter and Ornithological Bulletin is sent to all members.

The Society maintains an extensive library, which is housed at Imperial College and is freely available to students and Society members.

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Contact via: www.lnhs.org.uk/contact.htm

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