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Organisation Reference Seal Rehabilitation and Research Centre
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This information has been taken directly from the Seal Rehabilitation and Research Centre Website.

Our goal
  • To care for and treat seals and to release them back into the wild.
  • To inform the public about the problems of the seal and its environment.
  • To conduct research into the factors which influence the health of the seal, both of individual animals and of the total population; besides this, into threats to marine mammals in general.

As long ago as 1971, Lenie 't Hart started looking after sick and weak seals in the SRRC in Pieterburen. The SRRC has now grown into a real seal hospital, complete with quarantine facilities, laboratories, X-ray department, etc. Besides medical treatment of seals, public information on the problems of the seal and its environment is provided by means of guided tours, a permanent exhibition and a film. During the holiday season the SRRC can be reached by special public transport, a bus named "Crèche Express", from Groningen to Pieterburen and vice versa.

The Seal Rehabilitation and Research Centre does not receive any grants, but is financially supported by about 45,000 sponsors. Besides this, the centre receives regular donations - either money or in the form of (medical) equipment - through activities by schools and companies. The SRRC is a foundation, run by a board which is advised by two advisory committee. These are composed of experts from all over the world who provide their knowledge to the crèche free of charge. One committee is known as the Scientific Advisory Board and the other as the Medical Advisory Board. They meet regularly to draw up the protocols which guide the work of the crèche staff. The SRRC has 24 regular staff members: a vet, a biologist, an administrative department, seal nurses, information staff, technical and scientific staff. In addition to the permanent team, there is also room for many dozens of volunteers and trainees from all over the world.

Visiting hours:
The creche is ALWAYS open. Admission costs only NLG 1.
Our shop is open between 9.00 AM and 6.00 PM and at the same time there are informers present.

Dates Referenced August 2001
Contact Details Hoofdstraat 94a
9968 AG Pieterburen
tel: +31 0595 - 526 526
fax: +31 0595 - 528389
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