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CambridgeSoft Corporation is the leading supplier of Internet browser and webserver based life science desktop software, enterprise solutions, and services to biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. The company is also the leading supplier of infrastructure products and services to information publishers and chemical suppliers.
  • Life science desktop software and enterprise solutions for biotechnology, drug discovery and chemical research, including software, databases, and World Wide Web sites, enable customers to create, analyze and communicate chemical and scientific information more effectively.
  • Supplier infrastructure products and services enable information publishers and chemical suppliers to present their products electronically, using the language of chemical and scientific information most useful and valuable to their technical end-user customers.
  • Business-to-business e-commerce facilities support the transaction processes used for purchase and sale over the Internet of research chemicals, fine chemicals, software and databases.

The Company’s products are used primarily in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical industries, and are also utilized in higher education and in academic and government research. The Company’s principal software offering, ChemOffice™, which includes ChemDraw™, is the de facto standard and primary communication tool on the chemist’s desktop. The ChemOffice WebServer is an enterprise implementation of ChemOffice that facilitates browser and webserver based life science applications.

Dates Referenced October 2001
Contact Details

CambridgeSoft Corporation
100 CambridgePark Dr.
Cambridge, MA 02140 USA
Phone 617 588-9100
Fax 617 588-9190

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W324.Oct01.WNV1 Chemfinder [Data autogenerated from Search] http://chemfinder.cambridgesoft.com
W324.Mar04.w1 Chemfinder [Data autogenerated from Search] http://chemfinder.cambridgesoft.com
W324.Sept04.w1 Chemfinder [Data autogenerated from Search] http://chemfinder.cambridgesoft.com

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