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Organisation Reference Colchester Zoo, Essex 
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Colchester Zoo supports the work of the Wildlife Information Network and disseminates information on the health and management of captive and free-ranging wild animals through an Institutional Subscription to Wildpro Multimedia.


This information has been taken directly from the Colchester Zoo Website:

Colchester Zoo has some of the best cat and primate collections in Europe. See a White Tiger eye to eye in White Tiger Valley, or get closer to the Zoo's Chimpanzees at Chimp World.

Other award winning enclosures include Penguin Shores for our breeding group of Humboldt's Penguins, Serengeti Plains for African lions and Kingdom of the Wild for giraffes, rhinos and Pygmy Hippos.

Colchester Zoo is committed to conservation and actively supports a number of different conservation groups around the world. We help conservation by focusing our activities in several main areas.

Breeding programmes 

Colchester zoo has around 150 species of animals, many of these are classified as endangered or vulnerable species. 34 species at Colchester are part of EEP breeding programmes (European Endangered species breeding programmes).

Fundraising and Action for the Wild

Colchester Zoo actively supports a range of different conservation projects world wide, including:


  The Orangutan Foundation

  International Snow Leopard Trust

  International Primate Protection League

  Falklands Conservation Trust

  21st Century Tiger

  Lion Tamarins of Brazil

Educating our visitors

An extremely important role in conservation, through our interpretation and displays at the zoo we aim to educate our visitors and raise general awareness of the immense diversity of the worlds wildlife as well as many conservation and environmental matters.

Annual Conservation Campaigns

Every year Colchester Zoo runs a conservation campaign alongside many other European Zoos, they all aim to raise public awareness of critical conservation matters throughout the world. The 2001 's campaign was The Bushmeat Trade Campaign. The aim of this campaign was to raise awareness of the increasing problem of the bushmeat trade in Africa, South America and parts of Asia. 158 European zoos in 25 countries were involved in this campaign and it was our aim to raise over 1 million signatures. Collectively the campaign gathered 1.8 million signatures and these were presented to the European Parliament in Brussels on 6th November 2001.

The 2001/2002 campaign has already begun, The Atlantic Rainforest campaign focuses on the indigenous wildlife of the Atlantic Coastal Rainforest in Brazil, home to the Golden Lion Tamarin, a critically endangered new world primate. Colchester Zoo is aiming to raise 10,000, this money will fully support a conservation worker, researching and tracking Lion Tamarins in the rainforest.

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Colchester Zoo,
Maldon Road,
Essex CO3 0SL. 
Tel: 01206 331292 (office hours)
Fax: 01206 331392

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