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Organisation Reference University of Saskatchewan, Canada. 
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This information has been taken directly from the Website for the University of Saskatchewan:

Mission Statement

·  The University of Saskatchewan belongs to the people of Saskatchewan. As an academic community, our mission is to achieve excellence in the scholarly activities of teaching, discovering, preserving, and applying knowledge.

Colleges and Schools

·  The U of S offers 58 degrees, diplomas, and certificates in over 100 areas and disciplines. Colleges and schools include the following: Agriculture, Arts and Science, Commerce, Dentistry, Education, Engineering, Graduate Studies and Research, Kinesiology, Law, Medicine (includes Physical Therapy), Nursing, Pharmacy and Nutrition, Veterinary Medicine, and the Extension Division.

·  Federated and affiliated colleges include: St. Thomas More College (Catholic), Briercrest Bible College and Biblical Seminary (located in Caronport, Saskatchewan), Central Pentecostal College, College of Emmanuel and St. Chad (Anglican), Gabriel Dumont College, Lutheran Theological Seminary, St. Andrew's College (United), and St. Peter's Historic Junior College (located in Muenster, Saskatchewan).

·  The Virtual College of Biotechnology was established in January, 2000. The objective of the College is to be active in coordinating, strengthening, and encouraging collaboration among the life sciences, social sciences, humanities, management, and marketing disciplines involved in biotechnology.

·  First year Arts & Sciences can be completed at Melfort, North Battleford, Yorkton, Prince Albert, Kindersley, La Ronge or Muenster. Off-campus credit courses may be taken at regional colleges and SIAST campuses throughout the province. Students have the option of independent studies, mixed mode classes (tutor and audio teleconferencing) or televised classes which are available at up to 55 sites.

Western College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Saskatchewan

General Information

The Western College of Veterinary Medicine was established in 1964 and currently enrolls approximately 280 undergraduate and 65 graduate students. Its five departments employ over 200 faculty and staff. The college offers courses leading to the degree of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (D.V.M.)

In its short history the college has quickly gained international stature and credibility in the fields of animal reproduction, gastroenterology, toxicology and wildlife health.


The overall goal of the CANARIE Project is to connect three Canadian veterinary schools: Atlantic Veterinary College (AVC), University of Prince Edward Island, Faculté de médecine vétérinaire (FMV) at St-Hyacinthe, Université de Montréal, Ontario Veterinary College (OVC), University of Guelph, Western College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Saskatchewan, and an industry partner, Lifelearn Inc.

The physical distances between colleges and the demand for high quality video makes it difficult to share expertise and consult between colleagues. Advanced broadband Internet technology will facilitate the transmission of materials between colleges, and enhance the quality of the content. This requires purchasing special purpose equipment (such as network video servers), installation, testing, integration and evaluation. This also requires bringing people together with experience in learning technologies, multimedia design, digital imaging and video technology.

Although many other Canadian institutions participate in distributed learning programs, this would be the first instance of several providers collaborating to share professional program training over such great distances.

Dates Referenced December 2002
Contact Details

Admissions Office:
Western College of Veterinary Medicine
University of Saskatchewan
52 Campus Drive
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
S7N 5B4

  Telephone: (306) 966-7454

  Fax: (306) 966-7314

Website Address

http://www.usask.ca and http://www.usask.ca/wcvm


Admissions Office: Elaine Angielski: elaine.angielski@usask.ca or Jeremy Bailey: jeremy.bailey@usask.ca


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