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Organisation Reference Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
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Sound Stewardship of Fish and Wildlife

In pursuit of this mission, the Department of Fish and Wildlife will strive to achieve these goals:

  • Department-wide leadership that is effective, efficient and results in public confidence in department management.
  • An environment of respect and trust within the department fostering quality management and decision making.
  • Recruitment, development and retention of a diverse, effectively deployed and well-trained workforce.
  • An informed public, participating in policy development and contributing to quality decision making.
  • Partnerships with public and international entities, tribal leaders, public volunteers and service groups to share responsibility for fish and wildlife.
  • Effective practices partnerships with landowners and land use decision makers to maintain and enhance habitat.
  • Maximum fishing, hunting and non-consumptive recreational opportunities compatible with healthy, diverse fish and wildlife populations.
  • Sustainable management of marine resources to maintain the economic well-being and stability of the state's fishing industry and to enhance recreational and commercial fishing in state and offshore waters.
Dates Referenced March 2003, June 2004, February 2007
WDFW Main Office
Natural Resources Building 
1111 Washington St. SE 
WA 98501

Mailing Address
600 Capitol Way N.
WA 98501-1091

Telephone: 360 902-2200

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Specific References (Please note - website addresses change frequently and all references are dated accordingly. If hyperlinks are no longer active, please inform us)

Reference Section of Website Specific Website link
W424.27Mar03.CWD1 Fact Sheet - CWD http://www.wa.gov/wdfw/factshts/cwd.htm
W424.22Aug03.oil1 Identification of the Critical Components of Oiled Seabird Rescue and Rehabilitation http://www.wa.gov/wdfw/hab/oil_spill/seabird_rescue.pdf
W424.Feb07.w1 State of Washington Sandhill Crane Recovery Plan http://wdfw.wa.gov/wlm/diversty/soc/recovery/
W424.Dec08.w1 Washington State Recovery Plan for the Pygmy Rabbit (1995) http://wdfw.wa.gov/wlm/diversty/soc/recovery/pygrabit/pygrabit.pdf
W424.Dec08.w2 Washington Pygmy Rabbit Emergency Action Plan for Species Survival (2001) http://wdfw.wa.gov/wlm/diversty/soc/recovery/pygrabit/
W424.Dec08.w3 Washington Pygmy Rabbit 2003 Recovery Plan Update http://wdfw.wa.gov/wlm/diversty/soc/recovery/pygrabit/
W424.Dec08.w4 2006 Columbia Basin Pygmy Rabbit Captive Breeding and Genetic Management Plan http://www.fws.gov/easternwashington/documents/
W424.Dec08.w5 Reintroduction of the Columbia Basin Pygmy Rabbit (Brachylagus idahoensis) in Washington http://www.fws.gov/easternwashington/documents/CBPRReintroPlan07.pdf

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