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About us

Bayer plc is a subsidiary of Bayer AG - one of the world's largest and most diversified chemical and pharmaceutical companies. Bayer plc is the major company in the Bayer Group's United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland Region.

Bayer's products are involved in every major area of industrial, commercial and domestic life including building and construction, automotive components, electrical white goods, computers, business machines, food and drink, textiles, diagnostic instruments, medicines, agrochemicals, animal health and eco-protection.

Bayer's businesses help satisfy basic human needs for products such as medicines, nutrition, clothing, housing, mobility and information. They serve to improve the quality of life in all parts of the world and must therefore be safe to handle, transport and use, and stay safe during final disposal.


Bayer is committed to the principle that it has a responsibility towards the public, its customers, employees and the environment. This commitment has been formalised in the 'Responsible Care' policy, that all Bayer employees are required to follow in their day-to-day duties. The Responsible Care guidelines explain the company's principles internally and externally:

  Product Stewardship... from cradle to grave

  Environmental Protection... highest industry standards, wherever our products are used around the world

  Occupational Safety... managing the risks and providing a lead for other industries to follow

Dialogue... for better understanding of everybody's point of view

The Tower Biology System at many Bayer sites is now in use with many other chemical companies worldwide to process waste water. The biological efficiency and energy savings in the Tower Biology process result from the release of large amounts of oxygen from air forced through the system during their ascent to the surface of the liquid. This improved influx of oxygen is made possible by specially-designed fluid injectors developed by Bayer Engineering.

In the Community:

As a diversified, international healthcare and chemicals company, we have many responsibilities - one of which is to generate benefits for the communities in which we operate. This may happen through support at a national, or international level, sometimes firmly business linked, and often driven by the needs of the community itself.

Here in the UK/Ireland we also believe in the importance of local community support - listening to them and deciding the ways in which we can work together most appropriately. Our communities are our hosts, they provide us with our working environment, our employees and our licence to operate.

Research and Development:

The Bayer Group prides itself on its research. In recent years the Group has spent an average of 4 million every day on research and capital investment. This intensive global investment has ensured that half the Group's annual sales of some 20 billion are generated from products developed by its own research in over 15 years.

Today about 40 percent of Bayer's sales are generated by products that did not even exist 10 years ago - a tribute to the quality of Bayer's research.

A mainstay of Bayer's research efforts is the Central Research Division, with approximately 1,500 employees from all scientific and technical disciplines.The creativity center of the company sometimes works on research projects that are independent of the day-to-day business of researchers and developers in the market-oriented business groups. But they also assist the business groups in solving problems that the groups cannot solve themselves. Central Research provides a wide range of services: for instance, they conduct analyses and literature research and obtain chemicals and equipment for the business groups.

Central Research maintains close ties with many universities and research institutes worldwide. Bayer researchers are increasingly cooperating with scientists from these organizations.
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Bayer plc
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