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Organisation Reference The Valley Veterinary Group and Veterinary Emergency Treatment Service.
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This information has been taken directly from the Valley Veterinary Group and Veterinary Emergency Treatment Service Website:

The Valley Veterinary Group was founded by Mr Derek Packer in 1949 as a single branch in Ystrad Mynach dealing with mainly with the farming community in the Rhymney Valley. Mr Nick Ryland joined several years later and introduced the small animal side. Phil Hyde joined in 1977, becoming a partner in 1982, when we renamed it Valley Veterinary Group. Derek retired soon after, and Nick retired in 1998. 

Now it has three branches, one in Cardiff, one in Caerphilly and one in Ystrad Mynach, dealing with all kinds of pets.

Since it's start, the practice has slowly grown until now there are eight vets in the practice, with over twenty nursing and support staff. There are many special interests within the group including dermatology, radiology, orthopaedics, clinical medicine and exotic pets. We have three veterinary nurse training centres, and insist that all veterinary surgeons undergo continuing education courses every year.

We now have a special clinic for exotic pets at the Gabalfa Veterinary Surgery on the A470 in Cardiff. Here we have special knowledge of birds, reptiles and the ‘small furry species’ (rabbits, guinea pigs etc).

Also at the Gabalfa Veterinary Surgery is based the new Veterinary Emergency Treatment Service (V.E.T.S.). This service provides out-of-hours emergency care for many of the veterinary practices in Cardiff, the Rhymney and the Rhondda Valleys.

Because of the changes in the use of this branch, it is having to enlarge, with extra kennelling facilities for all species, improved operating facilities, separate waiting areas for dogs and cats etc.

The Ystrad Mynach surgery is also soon to be moved to a nearby building, giving us a new operating theatre, two new consulting rooms, laboratory and kennels, and much improved parking.

Our Caerphilly surgery has it's own car park, two consulting rooms, operating theatre and kennels spacious reception area.

The Valley Veterinary Group has a wide range of modern equipment. It has its own laboratories in Ystrad Mynach and Cardiff, as well as laboratory facilities in Caerphilly, allowing us to have the results of many blood tests within hours (or even minutes). We have several X-ray machines, much orthopaedic equipment, ultrasound scanners E.C.G. machine, endoscope, special dental equipment as well as a wide range of operating equipment . Each branch does most of its own operating. We have our own animal ambulance.

We have complete 24 hour cover, with staff available day and night. The Veterinary Emergency Treatment Service (Cardiff) - Serving Cardiff and the Valleys.

The Veterinary Emergency Treatment Service:

In October 1996, we started this emergency service, the Veterinary Emergency Treatment Service (V.E.T.S.), supplying cover to practices in Cardiff, the Rhymney and the Rhondda Valleys up to and including Merthyr Tydfil.

V.E.T.S. employs two veterinary surgeons and two veterinary nurses, (along with other ancillary staff), who cover emergency work from 6pm to 8.30am plus weekends from midday Saturday and all Bank Holidays. All cases are returned to the usual practice the next day.

V.E.T.S. provides a central, hospital style, emergency service with staff on site all the time and vets who work solely with emergency cases. (Just like the clients are used to for themselves.)

The veterinary surgeons working for V.E.T.S. are well motivated, and keen to see clients and their pets.

There is 24-hour resident care. 

Mr Phil Hyde, Principal of the Valley Veterinary Group and the Veterinary Emergency Treatment Service, can be contacted via e-mail, philhyde@v-e-t-s.co.uk.  Mr Hyde is also Chairman of the British Association of Veterinary Emergency Care, www.bavec.co.uk.

If you have a question regarding a pet, ideally, these questions should be asked of your own vet. Please DO NOT email urgent questions, as this may lead to delay in any treatment necessary.
Dates Referenced May 2003
Contact Details The Valley Veterinary Group telephone numbers:
Cardiff: (029) 20529444
Caerphilly: (029) 20883631/20864903
Ystrad Mynach: (01443) 813137/862039

The Veterinary Emergency Treatment Service:
Telephone number: (029) 20529446

The Veterinary Emergency Treatment Service is run from the Gabalfa Veterinary Surgery of the Valley Veterinary Group.

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