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Fort Dodge Animal Health (division of Wyeth)

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Founded in 1912 and a division of Wyeth since 1945, Fort Dodge Animal Health is a leading manufacturer and distributor of prescription and over-the-counter animal health care products for the livestock and companion animal industries.

Fort Dodge Animal Health serves the U.S. and international markets, distributing products in more than 100 countries. It is the No. 1 veterinary biological (vaccine) manufacturer in the world and ranks second in veterinary vaccine sales in North America.

The division’s ability to research and develop new and innovative products and deliver them to the marketplace is highly respected in the field. Fort Dodge Animal Health is one of the industry’s more successful companies in achieving U.S. Department of Agriculture registration for new and innovative biological products. The division has numerous registrations for canine, feline, equine, and bovine biologicals, along with several unique products in the development pipeline.

Fort Dodge Animal Health is recognized for its breakthroughs in veterinary medicine and new product development. In 1999, the division launched a new line of its popular Duramune® canine vaccine, which offers dog owners broader protection against two clinically significant strains of Leptospira. CYDECTIN®, a product used to control internal and external parasites in beef cattle, received approval for an additional label claim to include dairy cattle.

Today, Fort Dodge Animal Health has nearly 3,500 employees worldwide: nearly 2,000 employees in North America and 1,500 international employees.

The division established its worldwide headquarters in Overland Park, Kansas, in 1995. The move to the Kansas City suburb followed the acquisition of the American Cyanamid Company and Syntex Animal Health, and allowed the company to centralize its rapidly growing operations.

Dates Referenced January 2004
Contact Details USA:
5 Giralda Farms
Madison, NJ 07940

"If you have any questions or comments about Fort Dodge Animal products, please call us at 1-800-685-5656"

Flanders Road
Hedge End
Southampton SO30 4QH

Tel: 01489 781711
Fax: 01489 788306

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W480.May08.w1 Fort Dodge Animal Health Announces Approval of West Nile Virus DNA Vaccine for Horses (News and Press Release Archive - 07/19/2005) http://www.wyeth.com/news/archive?nav=display&navTo=/wyeth

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