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Corporate Profile:

To provide a healthier, happier lifestyle for pets and their owners through world class nutrition.

The PetAg® product line of carefully developed pet nutrition and health conscious products contains many leading brands, from scientifically balanced neonatal milk replacers like Esbilac®, to playful Pink Parrot® bird toys that provide healthy exercise. Our products cover a wide range of animals throughout every stage of the life cycle, each with the same focus: To enrich and prolong the lives of pets!

For over 70 years, PetAg products have helped millions of pets and their owners give their pets the nutrition they need and the attention they deserve. We have discovered hundreds of ways to improve the health, vitality and happiness of animals all over the world. Quality Assurance is a way of life at PetAg and we have built our reputation in the pet industry by offering only the highest quality products.

The following are examples of how our products meet the ever-changing needs of our customers and their owners.

The Zoologic® Milk Matrix line is an entire system of finely-tuned milk replacement products that can be mixed and matched to replicate mother's milk for nearly every species of wildlife or mammal. Nutritionists, veterinarians, zookeepers and wildlife rehabilitators around the world have successfully integrated Zoologic® Milk Matrix into their feeding programs resulting in [healthier and happier animals].

For years, animal producers of poultry, swine and cattle worldwide have sought to profitably increase production. In addition, there is growing demand for products that contain no drugs or antibiotics. Using our feed supplements, Fermacto® and Bospro®, animal's start onto feed faster resulting in better flock/herd uniformity, production efficiencies, and overall health. These products are all-natural and contain no drugs or antibiotics.

Our Rawhide Brand® Dog Chews are a perennial favorite of dogs and dog owners. Rawhide Brand® Dog Chews provide variety, innovative patented processes, flavors, shapes and sizes. These high quality, healthy products use only USA beef hides, making Rawhide Brand one of the most popular dog chews. Pet owners stay loyal to Rawhide Brand because they know it is the safest and longest lasting dog chew.

2003 marks the debut of VIVE™ Nutrition Bars for dogs, cats and horses. Convenient to feed, and packed with nutrition, these individually wrapped bars are the first complete line of bars designed to supplement an animal's diet with enhancing nutrients. Used as part of a post-operative recovery program or as a healthful alternative to some treats VIVE Nutrition Bars ensure your animal is getting all the nutrients they need.

We are committed to the improvement of pet health care and will consistently develop products supported by science, nutrition and research. It is a formula that keeps us one paw-print ahead of the competition.

Company History:

PetAg has been producing successful companion animal products for over 70 years.

Founded in the 1930's as a division of Borden, Inc., PetAg invented the category of neonatal nutrition. Our first product, Esbilac®, a milk replacement powder, became the world's first commercially prepared, nutritionally balanced formula for feeding puppies. By the end of the 1950's, many dogs and their owners had grown up with the brand.

In the early 1960's PetAg introduced Esbilac in a ready to feed liquid form, which provided added convenience to the emerging new breed of consumer.

Soon after, we developed two equine products - Foal-Lac®, a balanced milk replacement for foals, and our powdered Mirra-Coat® skin and coat nutritional supplement. These offerings, the first of their kind, became the cornerstone of our equine line.

In the mid 1960's, we replicated the long-running success of Esbilac with KMR®. Another first in the industry, this milk replacer for kittens was an immediate success.

In 1986, PetAg began a new chapter in its history as a separate company independent of Borden. At that point it expanded into new markets both domestically and internationally, and began to make strategic acquisitions. In 1991 we acquired Rawhide Brand®, a leading line of dog chews. Then in 1995, we purchased Pink Parrot's® innovative line of bird toys and in 1999 we added Doggy Giggles™ vibrantly colored and durable exercise dog toys.

Seven decades of success do not happen by accident. They are a direct result of three PetAg priorities: · Offering innovative nutritional and health oriented products of the highest quality; · Serving customers efficiently. We nurture our close relationships with wholesalers, retailers and pet owners around the world; · Dedicated employees that are committed to innovation and service

Many of our employees have been with the company for over 25 years and 90% have been with the company for five years or more. We offer a motivating and challenging environment for each employee.

Our manufacturing as well as product research and development are conducted out of our 60,000 square feet of manufacturing space and Quality Control Lab located in Hampshire, Illinois. We have been serving our customers from this location, a northwest suburb of Chicago, for over 50 years.

The Hampshire facility houses PetAg's technical services department, which manages the Consumer Care Hotline and the PetAg Breeders Club. Our trained technicians are on hand to answer questions related to the care and feeding of orphan animals as well as concerns and questions about the full line of PetAg products.

We also coordinate our work with local and world-renowned veterinarians on product development initiatives from Hampshire.

Dates Referenced February 2004
Contact Details UK

Pet Ag
Kruus UK Ltd.
Unit 17, Moor Lane Industrial Estate
Sherburn in Elmet
North Yorkshire
LS25 6ES


PetAg - International
255 Keyes Avenue
P.O. Box 396
Hampshire, IL 60140

Phone: 847-683-0458
Fax: 847-683-0460

PetAg - Domestic (USA)
255 Keyes Avenue
Hampshire, IL 60140

Contact Numbers
Customer Service: 1-800-323-6878
Technical Service: 1-800-323-0877

PetAg - Domestic (USA)
P.O. Box 396
Hampshire, IL 60140
Phone: 847-683-2288
Fax: 847-683-2343

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