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British Veterinary Association (BVA)

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This information has been taken directly from the "British Veterinary Association (BVA)" website:

The BVA is the national representative body for the British veterinary profession. It is a voluntary body with over 10,000 members. Veterinary surgeons work in private practice, in industry, in government service and in research, both in the UK and overseas. Most working veterinary surgeons are members of the Association and of more than 50 geographical and specialist divisions. Members of the public with general veterinary related questions should see our FAQ page first.

The BVA carries out three main functions: 

policy development in areas affecting the profession. 
promoting and protecting the profession 
provision of services to members

Dates Referenced June 2004
Contact Details

7 Mansfield Street,
W1G 9NQ 
T: 020 76366541
F: 020 74362970

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W513.Jun04.w1 American College of Veterinary Anesthesiologists' position paper on the treatment of pain in animals [published in JAVMA volume 213 p628-630] http://www.acva.org/professional/Position/pain.htm

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