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The Deer Veterinary Society

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The Deer Veterinary Society

A Division of the British Veterinary Association 

The Veterinary Deer Society was established on 7 July 1981 with the object of aiding those vets interested in deer to exchange information more easily. The Society's growth has been rapid with a membership in 1992 of around 150 members, many of whom are based overseas. The Society became a non territorial division of the BVA on 20 April 1989, having over 100 BVA members .

The subscription has always been kept low (in 1993 it was 10.00) but funds have been accumulated due to the effort members put into writing and selling the book Management and Diseases of Deer. See publications link from main deer page for further details.

Although the impetus for the formation of the Society came from the growing deer farming industry many members are involved more with wild or park deer and a large proportion of the membership are involved in research into diseases of deer.

At the time of writing the officers of the Society are as follows:

President: Rodney Bode
Vice President: Paul Audenaerde
Secretary: Tom Alexander
Editor: Hugh Reid

Dates Referenced June 2004
Contact Details

For further information about our Society including membership details, contact:

T.L. Alexander
27 Hereford Close, off Victoria Road,
North Humberside
HU17 8PT.
Telephone day 0482 862201 evening 0482 867093

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