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EMI Manufacturing / International Media Services

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EMI Manufacturing Italy are part of IMS International Media Service and are valued sponsors of the Wildlife Information Network. The following information has been provided by EMI / IMS:

EMI Manufacturing Italy offers a full range of high quality media solutions including glass mastering, replication, packaging and distribution. With superior service, high-class products and competitive pricing, we represent excellence and distinction in the media industry. The first and best choice for all your media solutions.
Dates Referenced November 2004
Contact Details United Kingdom offices:
IMS International Media Service SpA
Unit 46/47 Boston House
Grove Technology Park
Downsview Road
Wantage OX12 9FA

Please contact Gemma Simpson on Tel: +44 (0)1235 227 405

Italy offices:
IMS International Media Service SpA
21042 Caronna Pertusella (Va)
Via Bergamo, 315

Tel: +39 02 965 11.1 r.a.
Fax: +39 02 965 11750
Website Address



UK: info@emimanufacturing.it 
Italy: info@imsspa.it

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