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International Zoo Veterinary Group (IZVG)

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This information has been taken directly from the International Zoo Veterinary Group (IZVG) website.

The International Zoo Veterinary Group (IZVG) was founded by the association of two veterinary practices which were involved in full-time freelance zoo animal medicine. One associate practice, Dinnes Memorial Veterinary Hospital, is based in California and works mainly in the United States and the Far East; the other, Taylor, Greenwood, Lewis and Thornton is based in Britain and works mainly in the UK, Europe and the Middle East. This website relates to the activities of the UK part of the organisation.

The group works in all parts of the world on projects concerned with the maintenance of animals in zoos, parks and marinelands, covering the full spectrum of wild, rare and endangered species. Drs. Greenwood and Lewis are recognised as Specialists in Zoo and Wildlife Medicine by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and Drs. Taylor, Greenwood, Lewis and Thornton are UK government-appointed Zoo Inspectors.

In recent years, we have become increasingly involved in providing veterinary support for species conservation projects in developing countries, including Nigeria, Cameroon, Paraguay, Mauritius, Russia, Indonesia and the Caribbean Islands.


International Zoo Veterinary Group is able to provide advice and expertise in the following areas:

* Zoo and exotic animal medicine and surgery
* Complete veterinary services to zoos and aquaria
* Provision of back-up veterinary advisory services
* Provision of full-time veterinarians on contract
* Specialist pathology and research into zoo animal disease
* Artificial reproduction in zoo animals
* Design of zoo hospitals and clinics
* Zoo, marine and aquarium design and planning
* Animal transport
* Collection planning, conservation and education advice for small zoos
* Feasibility studies
* Advisory and technical services for film and television productions
* Selection and screening of zoo stock and zoo personnel
* Research and advice on UK animal law

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