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Website Ref - W598 - South African Veterinary Association

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The South African Veterinary Foundation was founded in 1984 and serves as the fund raising body 
of the South African Veterinary Association. The SAVF is a non-profit, Article 21 company (fund 
raising number 022002390002). The foundation was established to raise money to promote a greater 
understanding of animals by means of research and an informed public.


Promotes veterinary and general animal related education 
- sponsors and facilitates the publication of books 
- promotes video and TV programmes
- produces and distributes brochures on animal diseases
- sponsors international specialists to present lectures in South Africa 
On behalf of donors administers research and trust funds earmarked for specific projects in 
animal health 
Supports research into a variety of animal diseases and related problems eg. Babesiosis in dogs 
and Tuberculosis in wild animals 
Administers Pet and Equine Memorial Funds as well as the Novartis/SAVF Wildlife Fund 
Supports veterinary student contact with international student bodies and provides bursaries and 

Dates Referenced November 2005
Contact Details

Street Address: 
47 Gemsbok Avenue 
Monument Park 
South Africa

Postal Address :
P.O.Box 25033
Monument Park
South Africa 

Tel. +27-12 346 1150/1
Fax +27-12 346 2929 

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