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This information has been taken directly from the Thames Estuary Partnership website.


....the very essence of our work is partnership - bringing together as diverse a mix of people as it's possible to find - yet all share a concern for our estuary

The Thames Estuary Partnership (TEP) provides a neutral forum for local authorities, national agencies, industry, voluntary bodies and local communities to work together for the good of the Thames Estuary. 

The Partnership:

Is a charity providing a framework for the management of the estuary 
Co-ordinates a programme of projects 
Facilitates new projects and forums for joint working 
Holds regular events and workshops 
Seeks to further the interests of local communities, local economy and the environment.
The Thames Estuary is a valuable resource for all who live, work and play in the area. It is home to 12 million people and supports a diverse range of habitats and wildlife. It is a rich historical and cultural resource and is a major focus for industry, commerce, transport, agriculture and recreation. Thus it is a highly complex area in a constant state of change. It is this complexity and flux which can lead to conflict, but it can also lead to new ways of working and innovative projects.


The TEP grew from the work of the Thames Estuary Project. The initial work, funded by English Nature, began in 1993 by looking at estuary wide issues through widespread consultation and discussion. This eventually led to the publication of Management Guidance for the Thames Estuary, which aims to co-ordinate and implement a shared vision for the future of the Thames Estuary from Tower Bridge in the east to Shoebury Ness and the Isle of Grain on the outer Estuary. The launch of this document in 1999 coincided with the change of name to Thames Estuary Partnership. 

Organisational Structure

The TEP approaches the challenge of managing the Thames Estuary from a viewpoint that values the contribution of all the estuaries' users and seeks to learn from, and work with, this expertise. To achieve this approach the Partnership has established a series of Action Groups to facilitate joint working. 

The work of the Partnership is overseen by the Management Group which is made up of Directors of the Company and Trustees of the Charity.

Charity and Company Information

The Thames Estuary Partnership is both a Company Limited by Guarantee (no. 3807387) and a registered charity (no. 1083199). The Partnership is governed by a Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association, which outline the charitable object (the Partnership's purpose) and the organisation's mechanics (the way it works), respectively.

Each year the Partnership is required to submit Annual Returns to both Companies House and the Charity Commission. This includes a financial audit carried out by an independent auditor. 

Dates Referenced January 2006
Contact Details Thames Estuary Partnership,
Remax House,
31/32 Alfred Place,
London WC1E 7DP

Telephone 020 7679 5299 
Fax 020 7916 8546
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