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Wildpro Referenced Responsibilities:- Conventions, Legislation, Codes of Conduct, Manuals

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This information has been taken directly from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources' website.

Mission statement: The ministry is committed to protecting and managing the province's natural resources, or its "natural capital", and making the interest from that capital available for individuals, communities and economies that depend on it. In doing so, the Ministry contributes to the environmental, social and economic well-being of the people of Ontario, meeting not only today's needs, but also ensuring these resources are available for future generations.
Dates Referenced May 2006
Contact Details

Tel: 1-800-667-1940 

Ministry of Natural Resources
Rabies Research and Development Unit
Wildlife Research and Development Section
c/o Trent University
DNA Building
2140 East Bank Drive
Peterborough, Ontario
K9J 7B8

Adam McAllister, Information Officer
(705) 755-1551 or
(888) 574-6656

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Rabies: rabies@webmail.mnr.gov.on.ca

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Specific References (Please note - website addresses change frequently and all references are dated accordingly. If hyperlinks are no longer active, please inform us)

Reference Section of Website Specific Website link
W647.May06.w1 Bear Wise http://bears.mnr.gov.on.ca/
W647.May06.w2 Guidelines For The Installation Of Temporary Electric Fencing For Black Bears http://bears.mnr.gov.on.ca/technote_fence.html
W647.Apr07.w1 Rabies Research and Development Unit Website http://rabies.mnr.gov.on.ca/rabieshome.cfm

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