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Over a century removed from its circus origins, Zoo Atlanta has evolved from a quaint picnic stop where people gawked at wild animals to a modern-day destination seeking to teach the public about its animal ambassadors and work for the preservation of their wild counterparts. Evidenced by the opening of the interactive children’s exhibit Wild Like Me in 2006, the Zoo remains dedicated as always to a wholesome family experience, with a 21 st-century focus on educating young people, raising awareness of the natural world and bridging empathy for animals. Zoo Atlanta’s long journey from Victorian curiosity to powerhouse of conservation and research has not been without its challenges, but the institution’s mission will ensure that history will continue to be made.

Research and conservation is conducted by members of our management and keeper staff, many of whom have advanced degrees in the sciences. 

We envision a world in which humankind values, protects and preserves the diversity of species on Earth. 

We strive to inspire the citizens of Atlanta and Georgia and all visitors to the Zoo to value wildlife on Earth and to help safeguard existing species through conservation. 

We do this by: 

  • Providing an informative, educational, and engaging experience, 
  • Being respectful and responsible stewards of the animals and the physical and financial assets entrusted to us, and 
  • Engaging in related conservation activities and research. 

Stewardship – We take personal responsibility for the animals in our care as well as all the resources we use. 

Integrity – We are honest, fair, reliable and sincere. We are trustworthy and value the trust of our community.

Collaboration – We maintain an environment of trust, openness, respect and transparency to maximize the creativity and productivity of our organization.

Diversity and Individuality – We recruit and support employees and volunteers with diverse perspectives and talents that result in a strong, focused and innovative organization.

Commitment to Members and Guests –We create an enriching and welcoming atmosphere for all members and guests. We provide courteous and helpful attention to ensure they have a wonderful experience each time they visit. 

Dates Referenced October 2007
Contact Details Atlanta Fulton County Zoo, Inc.
800 Cherokee Ave,
SE Atlanta
GA 30315

General Information: (404) 624-5600

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