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This information has been taken directly from Genitrix's website, with additional information supplied directly by Geneterix.

Genitrix began trading in early 1998 and has grown every year since then to become one of the UK's most respected veterinary products companies. We aim to work in close partnership with the veterinary sector to promote ever higher standards of animal health and welfare.

Genitrix is run by a small, dedicated and long-serving team, most of whom have strong veterinary or pharmaceutical experience. Our portfolio of products is constantly increasing as we seek out and develop novel solutions to well recognised veterinary problems.

Our products include innovative, often ground- breaking therapies to advance veterinary care for companion animals such as dogs and cats, as well as for exotic pets including rabbits, guinea pigs, small rodents, ornamental birds and reptiles. We also offer a range equine therapies and our involvement in the equine sector is growing strongly.

Genitrix is the UK's fastest growing veterinary pharmaceutical company. It offers a wide range of veterinary therapies, including:

Xeno-450 and Xeno 50-Mini - the first ivermectin 'spot-on' treatments for parasite control in small pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets and small rodents.

Xeno 200 Spray - an ivermectin based parasite control spray for topical use in rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, rodents, birds and reptiles

Lapizole - a palatable fenbendazole product to prevent and treat E. cuniculi infection in rabbits

Mycozole - the first miconazole nitrate treatment to treat fungal skin infections in many pet species to be supplied in an easy-to use spray format
RIP Fleas - the fastest growing environmental flea treatment on the market

HY-50 - high dose sodium hyaluraonate in a low volume for the treatment of equine non-infectious joint inflammation in horses

KBr Tablets - potassium bromide tablets for the control of refractory epilepsy in dogs

irap - a revolutionary equine joint treatment which uses a horse's own blood to produce anti-inflammatory proteins

Dates Referenced October 2008
Contact Details Genitrix Ltd.
Genitrix House
Daux Road
West Sussex, RH14 9SJ
Tel: 01403 786 345
Fax: 01403 786 346
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