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This information has been provided by The Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund.

What is the Rabbit Welfare Fund?

The Rabbit Welfare Fund is a charitable trust set up by the British Houserabbit Association, now part of the Rabbit Welfare Association. Registered as a charity in March 2001, the RWF received its original funding from the donations given by members of the BHRA to help in its educational projects.

The aims of the Rabbit Welfare Fund

The fund is dedicated to improving the standard of life of domestic rabbits kept as pets in Britain. Rabbits need to be fed and cleaned daily, they prefer the company of another rabbit, and they should have safe, roomy accommodation and have access to a safe exercise area. They also need annual vaccinations and should be checked by a vet regularly. We need everyone to know how to give their rabbit the life they deserve.
We aim to achieve this by

Advancing the education of the public in the care and ownership of the domestic rabbits kept as pets in Britain and to further advance the knowledge of rabbit medicine amongst the UK veterinary profession.

Conducting or promoting the conduct of clinical research and then publishing the the useful results of such research into specific health projects in order to increase understanding of common health problems in domestic rabbits. The RWF only funds humane research. We prefer to support clinical studies which benefit the rabbit taking part, as well as providing answers that will help our rabbits.
Dates Referenced October 2008; Contact details updated October 2012
Contact Details Enigma House
Culmhead Business Park

National helpline - 0844 324 6090

Website Address

http://www.rabbitwelfare.co.uk/ / http://www.rabbitwelfarefund.co.uk/


Enquiry form at: http://www.rabbitwelfare.co.uk/contact/index.php

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W716.Dec08.w2 Rehome your rabbit  http://www.rabbitwelfarefund.co.uk/resources/index.php?section=rehome.html
W716.Jan08.w1 Fruits and vegetables suitable for rabbits http://www.rabbitwelfarefund.co.uk/resources/content/info-sheets/safefoods.htm

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