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This information has been provided by Supreme Petfoods

SupremeŽ Petfoods' intent is to help small animal owners keep healthy, happy pets. A simple statement because Supreme Petfoods aims to make it simple for owners to feed small pets appropriately. Delivering this aim, however, requires considerable expertise, based on understanding the differences in nutritional requirements not only by species, but also within the life history of the animal.

Supreme Petfoods was the first company to specialise in species-specific products, launching Russel Rabbit in 1991. This was followed with Gerty Guinea Pig and Harry Hamster and onwards until today, when the company offers a range of six species specific petfoods. Additional to the Original range, Supreme Petfoods also provides 'Junior' options and Treats - designed to provide stimulation as well as nutrition. 
The company has also addressed problems based on selective eating habits and offers five species-specific mono-component foods under the Supreme Petfoods Science Selective brand. The final area of concern is animals that have been unwell for which the Science Recovery liquid feed provides a complete syringe feeding diet available to vets only.

Supreme Petfoods' expertise is based on understanding the needs and issues of small pets on a species by species basis. To achieve this it is vital to understand the original habitats, health and habits of the animal when wild. The type of knowledge and information encapsulated by Lagomorphs: Health and Management plays an important role in researching the best way to keep the domesticated animals healthy and happy. It is for this reason and because of the excellence of the material that Supreme Petfoods is delighted to sponsor the Wildlife Information Network to provide this information to all involved in the welfare and management of lagomorphs.
Dates Referenced October 2008
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Tel: +44(0)1473 823 296
Fax: +44(0)1473 824 570
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www.supremeprofessional.com and www.supremepetfoods.com



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W718.Jan09.w2 Science - Selective Rabbit http://www.supremepetfoods.com/product_moreinfo.php?id=62

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