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Our work has been central to the growing scientific awareness that probiotics can make an effective contribution to good health. The constant flow of technologically advanced products is ensured by our programme of continuous research and development, bringing new solutions to the ever increasing problems faced.

Protexin products are a full range of easily administered multi-functional products based around the probiotic concept, giving the user a natural and effective option to use at critical points in the care of all animals.

Our range of products is developed in partnership with practising vets, microbiologists and research programmes worldwide.

Products for Rabbits include:

Fibreplex for Rabbits
A high fibre paste formulation for rabbits. Fibreplex provides palatable, easy to administer extra dietary fibre to encourage normal hind gut function.

Synbiotic D-C
A highly concentrated prebiotic and probiotic capsule to rapidly restore the microflora in the gut. Easy to use capsule presentation.

Pro-Fibre for Rabbits
A pelleted product for Rabbits containing extra dietary fibre. Pro-Fibre for Rabbits provides palatable multi source fibre to encourage normal hind gut function.

Bio-Lapis for Rabbits
A critical care formulation for rabbits probiotics, prebiotics, electrolytes and vitamins. 

Dates Referenced October 2008
Contact Details Registered Office:
Probiotics International Ltd.
Matts Lane
Stoke sub Hamdon
TA14 6QE

Tel: 0800 328 5663
International: +44 1935 822 921

Website Address

http://www.protexin.com/ / http://www.protexin.co.uk/


 Enquiry form at: http://www.protexin.com/contacts.php

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W722.Oct08.w2 Fibreplex for Rabbits http://www.protexin.com/vet/product.php?id=21

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