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This information has been taken directly from the National Veterinary Institute, SVA's  website.

The National Veterinary Institute, SVA, is a Swedish national authority that strives for good animal and human health, a good environment and sustainable food production.
Good animal health promotes public health

We are being exposed to increasing demands that livestock production is done under ethically acceptable conditions and that foodstuffs are produced from healthy animals free from contagious agents, growth hormones, pharmaceutical residues and other alien substances.

The most important role of the National Veterinary Institute, SVA, is to align the activities towards contagious and other serious infectious diseases of animals that imply a threat to supplies of animal foodstuffs, that lead to losses for the production of animals, that concern pets, or involve diseases that can be transferred to humans, i.e., zoonoses.

Diagnostic capacity for the most feared contagious animal diseases is available at SVA. At present about 25 control programmes are being conducted in cooperation with animal owner organisations and the relevant authorities.

Increased resistance to antibiotics is one of the major threats to public health in the future. Antibiotic-resistant bacteria and resistance genes can spread between animals and humans via, e.g., foods, feed, water and manure. At SVA we are conducting research into this complex, and are monitoring the resistance situation. Protection against infection in the biocycle is also a sector increasing in importance.

Research and Development is of the utmost importance for solving the tasks facing the SVA in both long-term and short-term perspectives. Interaction between routine diagnostics and research makes it possible to develop new products and technologies for diagnosing contagious diseases in animals. An example of product development at SVA is the field of animals, where results are obtained immediately on-site.

SVA also carries the overall responsibility for the availability of veterinary vaccines in Sweden. As far as possible, we keep a complete assortment in stock.

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Contact Details National Veterinary Institute, SVA
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National Veterinary Institute, SVA
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