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Biobest is a specialist veterinary virology, serology and DNA diagnostics business. Our strength derives from our expertise in virology and molecular biology, allowing us to design and validate our own assays, all compliant with Good Laboratory Practice. This in turn enables us to provide laboratory procedures with an unmatched combination of quality, service and price.About Us

Biobest has been trading since 1995, with purpose built facilities near Edinburgh including cell culture, virus culture, serology, molecular biology and high security laboratories. We have allied strong academic and technical experience with commercial enthusiasm to be able to offer our customers a unique blend of quality in virology and genetics with excellent service.

Biobest Diagnostics
Biobest Diagnostics provides testing services for a wide range of species including birds, dogs, cats, cattle, horses, pigs and fish. We are also the principal provider of rabies serology tests in Europe, participating in the relevant pet travel schemes.

HiHealth Herdcare
HiHealth Herdcare is a CHeCS registered cattle health scheme. Membership of HiHealth Herdcare enables farmers to improve herd health and farm profitability.

Biobest Research
Biobest Research supplies specialist research, contract and laboratory support services in infectious diseases and cell culture.

Biobest ClinPath
Biobest ClinPath provides a comprehensive service for all species, covering haematology, biochemistry, cytology, histopathology, parasitology and bacteriology.

Dates Referenced September 2013
Contact Details Biobest Laboratories Ltd
6 Charles Darwin House
The Edinburgh Technopole
Milton Bridge
Nr Penicuik
EH26 0PY

Tel:+44 (0)131 440 2628
Fax:+44 (0)131 440 9587
DX:Biobest Laboratories Ltd, DX6232500, Penicuik 92 EH
Website Address



Email: enquiry@biobest.co.uk

Biobest Diagnostics
General enquiries: enquiry@biobest.co.uk
Avian Enquiries: birddna@biobest.co.uk

HiHealth Herdcare
General enquiries: hihealthherdcare@biobest.co.uk

Biobest Research
General enquiries: enquiry@biobest.co.uk

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