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It is the mission of Smittskyddsinstitutet (Swedish Institute for Communicable Disease Control), a government expert agency, to monitor the epidemiological situation for communicable diseases in humans. It is also responsible for promoting protection against such diseases.

Sweden is relatively well protected from the spread of communicable diseases. Good hygienic conditions prevail and public health is well developed. Medical progress and preventative measures protect the Swedish population from infections that, in other countries of the world, may cause large scale disasters.

However in spite of this, communicable disease prevention must be continuously maintained at a high level. It is vital that Sweden continues to vaccinate, trace infections, fight outbreaks, engage in research and disseminate information on communicable diseases. Otherwise there is a risk that diseases that are rare in Sweden, but which claim millions of victims in other parts of the world, will return. A high level of preparedness must also be maintained in order to prevent new infections and avian influenza from gaining a foothold in Sweden.

Dates Referenced September 2013
Contact Details Postal address:
Smittskyddsinstitutet (SMI), 171 82 Solna, Sweden

Delivery address:
Smittskyddsinstitutet (SMI), Tomtebodavägen 12 B, Solna, Sweden

Visitors' address:
Smittskyddsinstitutet (SMI), Nobels väg 18, Solna, Sweden

Telephone exchange and reception: +46 8 457 23 00 Opening hours: Mon - Fri 08.00 - 16.30

+46 8 457 23 31

+46 8 32 83 30
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Individual email: firstname.surname@smi.se

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