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SaBio group (Health and Biotechnology) is dedicated to contribute to health, animal production and conservation through research and technological development. SaBio is an interdisciplinary group with a high level of internationalization, high scientific productivity and with the ability to transfer knowledge. SaBio brings together around 40 researchers of excellence in biotechnology, reproduction, health, and related fields.

Each year, SaBio increases its interactions with industries of the pharma/veterinary and game/livestock sectors, generating new patents and knowledge. Current projects include reproductive biotechnology, sanitary control, vaccine development, and research on emerging diseases.
Dates Referenced October 2013
Contact Details SaBio Ciudad Real
Epidemiología y control de enfermedades, genómica y proteómica
Ronda de Toledo s/n
13071 Ciudad Real, España

Tel: +34 926 295 450
Fax: +34 926 295 451

SaBio Albacete
Biología de la reproducción
Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Agrónomos (ETSIA) - UCLM
Carretera de las Peñas de San Pedro, km 3,2
02071 - Albacete, España

Tel: +34 967 599 200 / +2581
Fax: +34 967 594 269
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Form at: http://www.sabio-irec.com/contacto/

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