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This publication was made possible through the generous contributions of time and effort by many individuals, and we offer our sincere thanks to all. The following people are particularly deserving of recognition. Ms. Debra Ackers endured much from us in typing draft manuscripts, making countless adjustments to the drafts, organizing and maintaining project files, tracking the progress of the many components of the Manual, arranging meetings among individuals involved with this project, and assisting in many other ways — always with a smile. Her contributions were invaluable. Dr. Louis N. Locke deserves special recognition for his technical input and laborious review of the draft manuscript. We thank Dr. James R. March and Ms. Barbara C. Scudder for contributing their time to read and comment on the final draft. Mr. Scott Hansen assembled the lists of chemicals and birds for Appendices E and G, respectively, and assisted us in locating many of the photographs used to illustrate the Manual. Ms. Kathryn Cleary, Ms. Karen Cunningham, and Mr. Harold Rihn provided tabulations of information from the National Wildlife Health Center database that were used in many of the graphics and tables. We thank the following individuals for helpful and timely reviews of various parts of the Manual: Dr. Donald Anderson, Mr. Tom Augspurger, Dr. Val Beasley, Dr. Rebecca Cole, Dr. Guy Connolly, Mr. Terry Creekmore, Mr. Doug Docherty, Mr. Monte Garrett, Dr. Robert Hallock, Dr. Larry Hansen, Dr. Wallace Hansen, Dr. Tuula Hollmén, Dr. David Jessup, Dr. Ken Langelier, Dr. Linda Lyon, Dr. Pierre Mineau, Dr. Patrick Redig, Dr. Milton Smith, Mr. Stanley Wiemeyer, and Dr. Thierry Work. We apologize in the event that we have failed to acknowledge some individuals who have assisted with this project over the extended period of time required for its completion.

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