< > B22 - Zoo & Wild Animal Medicine Current Therapy 3

Author(s) / Editors M.E. Fowler, (Ed.)
Publisher W.B. Saunders & Co, Philadelphia, USA
Year 1993
ISBN 0 7216 3667 5

Specific Chapter/Section References

Reference Chapter/Section Title Chapter/Section Author Page nos.
B22.23.w1 Avian aspergillosis Redig, P.T. 178-181
B22.5.w2 Identification of animals in zoos Loomis, M.R. 21-23
B22.27.w3 Insectivora: Diseases of the Hedgehog Isenburg, E. & Baumgartner, R.A. 294-302
B22.27.w4 Insectivora: Medical problems of shrews Meehan, T.P. 302-303
B22.33.w5 Marine Mammals: Hand rearing Pinnipeds  Gage, L.J. 413-415
B22.18.w6 Amphibian Medicine Crawshaw, G.J. 131-139
B22.35.w7 Perissodactylids: Infectious diseases of the rhinoceros and tapir Ramsay, E.C. & Zainuddin, Z-Z. 459-466
B22.11.w8 Tuberculosis and other mycobacterial diseases in captive wild animals Thoen, C. O.  45-49
B22.33.w9 Marine Mammals: Rehabilitation of sea otters Williams, T.D. 432-435
B22.12.w10 Encephalomyocarditis in Zoo Animals.  Gutter, A.E. 50-51
B22.25.w11 Veterinary Dentistry in Zoo and Wild Animals van Foreest, A. W. 263-268
B22.34.w12 Elephants: Foot Care in Elephants Fowler, M.E. 448-453
B22.34.w13 Elephants: Veterinary Care of Performing Elephants  Houck, R. 453-454
B22.34.w14 Elephants: Current immobilization procedures used in elephants Kock, R.A., Morkel, P. & Kock, M.D. 436-441
B22.32.w15 Carnivores: Parasitic Diseases of Carnivores Roken, B.O. 399-404
B22.24.w16 Diseases of Birds Groups: Infectious and Parasitic Diseases of Cranes Carpenter, J.W. 229-237
B22.30.w17 Viral Hepatitis of Rabbits and Hares in Scandinavia Gavier-Widen, D. 322-325
B22.31.w18a Primates: Nonhuman primate retroviruses and simian acquired immunodeficiency syndrome Lowenstine, L.J. & Lerche, N.W. 373-378
B22.31.w31a Primates: Quarantine Roberts, J.A. 326-331
B22.31.w31b Primates: Health plan for the mountain gorillas of Rwanda Foster, J.W. 331-334
B22.31.w31c Primates: Diseases of great apes Janssen, D.L. 334-338
B22.31.w31d Primates: Endometriosis in nonhuman primates Swenson, R.B. 339-340
B22.31.w31e Primates: Emerging viral diseases of nonhuman primates in the wild Lerche, N.W. 340-344
B22.31.w31f Primates: Bacterial enterocolitis in nonhuman primates Paul-Murphy, J. 344-351
B22.31.w31g Primates: Protozoan parasites of great apes Swenson, R.B. 352-355
B22.31.w31h Primates: Viral hepatitis in New World primates Ramsay, E. & Montali, R.J. 355-358
B22.31.w31i Primates: Zoonotic diseases of nonhuman primates Ott-Joslin, J.E. 358-373
B22.31.w31j Primates: Nonhuman primate retroviruses and simian acquired immunodeficiency syndrome Lowenstine, L.J. & Lerche, N.W. 373-378
B22.31.w31k Primates: Parasites of New World primates Wolff, P.L. 378-389
B22.14.w19 Plague and tularemia in rodent populations Quan, T.J. 54-56

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