< > B23 - Zoo & Wild Animal Medicine Current Therapy 4

Author(s) / Editors M.E. Fowler & R.E. Miller (eds.)
Publisher W.B. Saunders Co., Philadelphia, USA
Year 1999
ISBN 0 7216 8664 8

Specific Chapter/Section References

Reference Chapter/Section Title Chapter/Section Author Page nos.
B23.37.w1 Water quality for a waterfowl collection Cambre, R.C. 292-299
B23.38.w2 Caring for oiled birds Miller, E.A. & Welte, S.C. 300-309
B23.17.w3 Vermin Control Spelman, L.H. 114-120
B23.101.w4 Scrapie-like spongiform encephalopathies (prion diseases) in nondomesticated species Kirkwood, J.K. & Cunningham, A.A. 662-668
B23.22.w5 Zoonoses acquired from birds Flammer, K. 151-156
B23.75.w6 Dystocia in the elephant Foerner, J. J. 522-525
B23.3.w7 Applications of biotelemetry in wildlife medicine Karesh, W.B. 7-13
B23.59.w8 Otter anesthesia Spelman, L.H. 436-443
B23.79B.w9 Poxvirus infections in elephants Kuntze, A. 547-550
B23.78.w10 Flaccid Trunk Paralysis in Free-Ranging Elephants Kock, N.D. 541-544
B23.79A.w11 Oral and Nasal Diseases of Elephants
Kuntze, A. 544-546
B23.77.w12 Antibiotic Therapy in Elephants Olsen, J.H. 533-541
B23.4.w13 Quarantine: A Necessity for Zoo and Aquarium Animals Miller, R.E. 13-17
B23.6.w14 Health Problems in Mixed-Species Exhibits Lowenstine, L.J. 26-29
B23.20.w15 Rabies: Global Problem, Zoonotic Threat, and Preventative Management Rupprecht, C.E. 136-146
B23.5.w16 Designing an Ideal Animal Shipment Ott Joslin, J. & Collins, D. 17-26
B23.8.w17 Use of ultrasonography in zoo animals Hildebrandt, T.B. & Goritz, F. 41-54
B23.40.w18 Contraception Asa, C.S. 316-320
B23.61.w19 Assisted Reproductive Techniques in Nondomestic Carnivores Howard, J. 449-457
B23.57.w20 Intrahepatic Cysts and Hepatic Neoplasms in Felids, Ursids, and Other Zoo and Wild Animals Pettan-Brewer, K.C. & Lowenstein, L.J. 423-428
B23.14.w21 Plant Poisoning in Zoos in North America Fowler, M.E. 88-95
B23.39.w22 Avian Analgesia Clyde, V.L. & Paul-Murphy, J. 309-314
B23.16.w23 Tuberculosis in Free-Ranging Mammals Bengis, R.G. 101-114
B23.49.w49 Emerging Viral Diseases of Nonhuman Primates Bielitzki, J.T. 377-382
B23.50.w50 Great Ape Neonatology Swenson, B. 382-387
B23.90.w90 Paratuberculosis in Zoo Animals Manning, E.J.R. & Collins, M.T. 612-616
B23.92.w92 Brucellosis in North American Artiodactylids Hunter, D.L. & Kreeger, T.J. 621-626
B23.93.w93 Brucella suis Biovar 4 Infection in Free-Ranging Artiodactylids Dieterich, R.A. 626-628

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