< > B105 - Conservation of Endangered Species in Captivity: an interdisciplinary approach

Author(s) / Editors E.F Gibbons, Jr., B.S. Durrant, & J. Demarest, Editors
Publisher State University of Ney York Press, Albany, USA
Year 1995
ISBN 0-7914-1912-6

Specific Chapter/Section References

Reference Chapter/Section Title Chapter/Section Author Page nos.
B105.14.w1 Avian Reproductive Physiology Gee, G.F. 241-262
B105.15.w2 Behavioural Considerations in the Captive Management, Propagation, and Reintroduction of Endangered Birds Hutchins, M., Sheppard, C., Lyles, A. M. & Casadei, G. 263-289
B105.16.w3 Captive Design for Endangered Birds Bohmke, B.W. 291-302
B105.13.w4 Captive Propagation and Avian Conservation Sheppard, C. 227-240
B105.20.w5 Interdisciplinary Issues in the Design of Mammal Exhibits (Excluding Marine Mammals and Primates) Forthman, D.L., McManamon, R., Levi, U.A. & Bruner, G.Y. 377-399
B105.19.w6 Mammalian Behavior: Lessons from Captive Studies Gittleman, J.L. & McMillan, G.C. 355-376

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