< > B117 - BSAVA Manual of Exotic Pets Revised Edition 1985

Author(s) / Editors J.E. Cooper, M.F. Hutchinson, O.F. Jackson & R.J. Maurice
Publisher British Small Animal Veterinary Association, Cheltenham, UK
Year 1985
ISBN 0 905214 04 8

Specific Chapter/Section References

Reference Chapter/Section Title Chapter/Section Author Page nos.
B117.w1 The Exotic Pet - An Introduction Cooper, J.E. 5-18
B117.w2 Chinchillas Webb, R.A. 19-23
B117.w3 Chipmunks Gillett, K.E. & Blake, B.H. 24-27
B117.w4 Gerbils Toy, J. 28-35
B117.w5 Guinea Pigs Flecknell, P.A. 36-44
B117.w6 Hamsters Toy, J. 45-53
B117.w7 Hedgehogs Gregory, M.W. 54-58
B117.w8 Rabbits Flecknell P.A. 59-69
B117.w9 Rats and Mice Flecknell, P.A. 70-79
B117.w10 Deer Dansie, O. 80-92
B117.w11 Ferrets Cooper, J.E. 93-98
B117.w12 Primates Branker, W.M. 99-105
B117.w13 Cagebirds Turner, T. 106-123
B117.w14 Pigeons Keymer, I.F. 124-135
B117.w15 Water-Birds Humphreys, P.N. 136-141
B117.w16 Chelonians Jackson, O.F. & Lawrence, K. 142-160
B117.w17 Crocodiles Jackson, O.F. 161-164
B117.w18 Lizards Lawrence, K. 165-172
B117.w19 Addendum (Lizards and Snakes - Anaesthesia, Chemotherapy, Haematology and Blood Chemistry) Lawrence, K. 173-178
B117.w20 Snakes Lawrence, K. 179-185
B117.w21 Amphibians Cooper, J.E. 186-191
B117.w22 Ornamental Fish Scott, P.W. 192-203
B117.w23 Invertebrates Cooper, J.E. 204-210
B117.w24 Legislation Cooper, M.E. 211-216

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