< > B205 - Veterinary Anaesthesia Tenth Edition

Author(s) / Editors L.W. Hall, K.W. Clarke & C.M. Trim
Publisher W.B. Saunders, London, UK
Year 2001
ISBN 0 7020 2035 4

Specific Chapter/Section References

Reference Chapter/Section Title Chapter/Section Author Page nos.
B205.1.w1 General considerations   1-28
B205.2.w2 Patient monitoring and clinical measurement   29-59
B205.3.w3 Introduction to general anaesthesia: pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics   61-74
B205.4.w4 Principles of sedation, analgesia and premedication   75-112
B205.5.w5 General pharmacology of the injectable agents used in anaesthesia   113-131
B205.6.w6 General pharmacology of the inhalation anaesthetics -- 133-147
B205.7.w7 Relaxation of the skeletal muscles   149-178
B205.8.w8 Pulmonary gas exchange: artificial ventilation of the lungs   179-195
B205.9.w9 Apparatus for the administration of anaesthetics   197-223
B205.10.w10 General principles of local anaesthesia   225-245
B205.11.w11 Anaesthesia of the horse   247-313
B205.12.w12 Anaesthesia of cattle   315-339
B205.13.w13 Anaesthesia of sheep, goats and other herbivores   341-366
B205.14.w14 Anaesthesia of the pig   367-383
B205.15.w15 Anaesthesia of the dog   385-439
B205.16.w16 Anaesthesia of the cat   441-461
B205.17.w17 Anaesthesia of birds, laboratory animals and wild animals   463-479
B205.18.w18 Anaesthesia for obstetrics   481-491
B205.19.w19 Intrathoracic surgery   493-505
B205.20.w20 Prevention and management of anaesthetic accidents and crises   507-533

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