< > B212 - Elephants and Their Diseases: a Treatise on elephants

Author(s) / Editors Evans, G.H.
Publisher Government Press, Rangoon, India
Year 1910

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Specific Chapter/Section References

Reference Chapter/Section Title Chapter/Section Author Page nos.
  Part I.
B212.w1 Chapter I.—Supply. Age. Height. Weight. Value. Purchase. Sales. Marks of Identification     
B212.w2 Chapter II.—General Hygiene:—On the Causes and Prevention of Disease. Feeding. Natural Fodder. Artificial Food. Times of Feeding. Watering. Work and Exercise. Power of Endurance. Paces. Rest and Sleep. Exposure. Bathing and Grooming. Attendants and their Duties     
B212.w3 Chapter III.—Hygiene:—Gear for Dragging. Pack-gear. Care of Gear. Summary of General Hygiene    
B212.w4 Chapter IV.—Mounting. Restraint. Fettering for Grazing. Securing for Operations. Bolting. Crossing Rivers. Quicksands. Destruction of Elephants    
B212.w5 Chapter I.—The Skeleton    
B212.w6 Chapter II.—The Skin. Mucous and Serous Membranes. Muscular System     
B212.w7 Chapter III.—The Chest and Organs of Respiration     
B212.w8 Chapter IV.—The Circulatory System     
B212.w9 Chapter V.—The Digestive System     
B212.w10 Chapter VI.—The Urinary System     
B212.w11 Chapter VII.—Organs of Reproduction. Milk. Breeding. Pregnancy. Parturition     
B212.w12 Chapter VIII.—The Nervous System and Special Organs     
B212.w13 Chapter IX.—Elementary Physiology     
B212.w14 Chapter X.—Elementary Physiology—continued    
B212.w15 Chapter I.—Preparation and Mode of Administration    
B212.w16 Chapter II.—Instruments. Weights and Measures     
B212.w17 Chapter III.—Formulæ—Internal Remedies    
B212.w18 Chapter IV.—List of Useful Drugs in the Treatment of Elephants—Drugs with their Doses and Equivalent Native Names, etc.     
B212.w19 Chapter I.—General Treatment of Sickness     
B212.w20 Chapter II.—General Indications of Ill-health     
B212.w21 Chapter III.—Stomatitis (Inflammation of the Mouth). Disorders of the Teeth. Congestion and Inflammation of the Temporal Glands     
B212.w22 Chapter IV.—Wounds. Abscess. Serious Abscess     
B212.w23 Chapter V.—Ulceration. Sinuses and Fistulæ. Burns and Scalds     
B212.w24 Chapter VI.—Sprains. Fractures and Dislocations. Cramp. Rheumatism.     
B212.w25 Chapter VII.—Diseases of the Skin:—Abrasions. Galls. Pityriasis or Scurf. Urticaria or Nettle-rash. Eczema. Boils. Hæmatidrosis     
B212.w26 Chapter VIII.—Diseases of the Skin (continued)—External Parasites:—Blood-sucking Flies. Maggots. Warbles. Spider-flies. Ticks. Lice. Leeches     
B212.w27 Chapter IX.—Diseases of the Feet:—Tender Feet. Inflammation of the Feet. Cracked Sole. Cracked Heels. Abscess of the Foot. Disease of the Nails. Moisture under the Nails. Gunruss. Chowrung    
B212.w28 Chapter X.—Diseases of the Respiratory tract:—Catarrh. Mumps. Bronchitis. Pneumonia. Traumatic Pneumonia     
B212.w29 Chapter XI.—Diseases of the Circulatory System:—Heart and Larger Blood Vessels. Liver. Spleen. Kidneys. Lymphangitis     
B212.w30 Chapter XII.—Diseases of the Stomach and Intestines:—Indigestion. Diarrhoea. Super-purgation. Constipation. Intestinal Obstruction. Intussusception. Colic. Enteritis. Peritonitis. Vomiting. Choking. Poisoning. Mookunda     
B212.w31 Chapter XIII.—Diseases affecting the Brain and Nervous System:—Inflammation of the Lining Membrane of the Air Cavities of the Skull. Congestion of the Brain. Apoplexy. Paraplegia. Reflex Paralysis. Paralysis of the Trunk and Ears. Sunstroke. Heat Exhaustion. Heat Apoplexy. Lightning-stroke     
B212.w32 Chapter XIV.—Diseases of the Eye:—The Eye. Ophthalmia. Inflammation, Ulceration and Opacity of the Cornea. Staphyloma. Cataract     
B212.w33 Chapter XV.—Internal Parasites:—Symptoms of the presence of Parasites     
B212.w34 Chapter I.—General Remarks     
B212.w35 Chapter II.—General Septic Infection and Intoxication    
B212.w36 Chapter III.—Anthrax     
B212.w37 Chapter IV.—Hæmorrhagic Septicæmia     
B212.w38 Chapter V.—Trypanomiasis—"Thut"—Elephant Surra     
B212.w39 Chapter VI.—Piroplasmosis—Tick Fever     
B212.w40 Chapter VII.—Aphthæ Epizooticæ—Foot-and-mouth Disease. Elephant-pox     
B212.w41 Chapter VIII.—Rabies. Tetanus. Tuberculosis     
B212.w42 Chapter IX.—Epidemic Pneumonia. Epidemic Dysentery. Rinderpest in Cattle    
B212.w43 Appendix A.—Law Cases     
B212.w44 Appendix B.—Operations     
B212.w42 Appendix C.—Age     
B212.w45 Appendix D.—Growth Increment     
B212.w46 Appendix E.—List of Fodder Plants, Grasses, etc., eaten by Elephants     
B212.w47 Appendix F.—Breeding    
B212.w48 Appendix G.—Cases of Impaction and Rupture of Oesophagus    
B212.w49 Appendix H.—Surra     
B212.w50 Appendix I.—Note on Infective Diseases with special reference to Anthrax     

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