< > B228 - Hedgehogs

Author(s) /Editors Reeve, N.
Publisher T & AD Poyser Ltd., London, UK
Year 1994
ISBN 0-05661-081-X

Specific Chapter/Section References

Reference Chapter/Section Title Chapter/Section Author Page nos.
B228.1.w1 An Introduction to Hedgehogs Reeve, N. 1-33
B228.2.w2 Some Features of Hedgehogs Reeve, N. 34-52
B228.3.w3 Diet and Feeding Reeve, N. 53-95
B228.4.w4 Home Range and Territoriality Reeve, N. 96-116
B228.5.w5 Nest Construction and Use Reeve, N. 117-138
B228.6.w6 Hibernation and Energetics Reeve, N. 139-161
B228.7.w7 Behaviour: the Ordinary and the Extraordinary Reeve, N. 162-172
B228.8.w8 Reproduction Reeve, N. 173-204
B228.9.w9 Demography, Disease and Death Reeve, N. 205-248
B228.10.w10 Hedgehogs and Humans Reeve, N. 249-255
B228.11.w11 Veterinary information on the treatment of parasites and diseases Reeve, N. 256-264
B228.12.w12 Names of hedgehogs in various languages Reeve, N. 265-266

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