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RSPCA - Problems With Badgers?
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2.1 Badger numbers and reproduction
2.2 Badger setts

3.1 The development of badger protective legislation in Britain
3.2 The Protection of Badgers Act 1992 and its implementation
3.2.1 Actions which are made illegal
3.2.2 Actions which are not illegal
3.2.3 Fox hunting and badger setts
3.2.4 Gamekeeping, fox control and badger setts
3.2.5 Penalties
3.2.6 Licensing in Britain
3.2.7 The licence
3.2.8 Timing of action and the breeding season
3.3 Other legislation affecting badgers in Britain
3.3.1 Keeping and releasing badgers
3,3.2 Scientific procedures
3.3.3 Pesticides and repellents
3.3.4 Methods of killing badgers
3.4 Badger legislation in Northern Ireland
3.5 Badger legislation in Eire

4.1 Digging near badger setts
4.2 Digging into badger setts
4.2.1 Are there orphaned badger cubs underground?
4.2.2 Dogs stuck in setts
4.2.3 Investigating possible offences
4.2.4 Emergency action
4.3 Protecting setts from badger-diggers
4.3. 1 Repairing damaged setts
4.3.2 Protecting setts with alarms
4.3.3 Temporarily reinforcing badger setts
4.3.4 Permanently reinforcing badger setts
4.4 Watching at badger setts
4.5 Feeding wild badgers
4.6 The influence of public access on badgers

5.1 Badgers in the way of building developments
5.1.1 Planning permission
5.1.2 Options
5.1.3 Building development licences
5.1.4 Incorporating badger setts into building developments
5.1.5 The builders
5.2 Badgers in the way of new roads
5.2.1 Badger tunnels and underpasses
5.2.2 Badger fencing
5.2.3 Roadside reflectors
5.3 Badgers and electrified railway lines
5.4 Badgers in the way of drainage
5.5 Badgers in the way of forestry operations
5.6 Badgers in the way of fox control
5.7 Deterring badgers from using a sett
5.7.1 The use of chemical deterrents
5.7.2 The use of physical deterrents
5.8 Badgers and grey squirrel control

6.1 Badger 'damage' licences
6.2 Badger damage to gardens
6.3 Badger damage to golf courses, bowling greens and churchyards
6.4 Badger damage to crops and livestock
6.5 Badgers digging under farm tracks and in fields
6.6 Badger damage to levees, road and railway embankments
6.7 Badger removal for disease control

7.1 Badgers caught in snares
7.2 Badgers injured on the roads
7.3 Bite (and claw) wounding to badgers
7.4 Handling and keeping badgers
7.5 Long-term accommodation for badgers
7.6 Releasing injured badgers
7.7 Humane killing of badgers
7.8 Poisoned badgers
7.9 Setts and cyanide gassing

8.1 Orphaned badger cubs
8.2 Dealing with confiscated and illegally-held badgers
8.3 How to select a release site for badgers
8.4 Releasing captive-held badgers
8.5 Translocating badgers

9.1 Bait marking
9.2 Trapping badgers
9.3 Electric fencing
9.4 Building artificial setts

11.1 Equipment suppliers
11.2 Useful organisations

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