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RSPCA - Problems With Badgers?
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For a good general account about badger biology, if now a little dated, see the book by Ernest Neal entitled 'The Natural History of Badgers', published by Croom Helm in 1986. The book by Charles Long and Arthur Killingley entitled 'The Badgers of the World', published by Charles C. Thomas of Springfield, Illinois, in 1983, is also useful. The results of the British national badger survey are given in 'The History, Distribution, Status and Habitat Requirements of the Badger in Britain' by Penny Cresswell, Stephen Harris and Don Jefferies, published by the Nature Conservancy Council in 1990. For further information about the various laws relating to wildlife, see 'Fair Game - The Law of Country Sports and the Protection of Wildlife' (second edition) by Charlie Parkes and John Thomley, published by Pelham Books in 1989. The Mammal Society has produced three booklets covering various aspects of badger biology. 'Surveying Badgers' looks at the practical aspects of organising a badger survey, and 'Projects on Badgers' describes various studies that can be undertaken. 'Badger Persecution and the Law' provides a detailed account of the laws relating to badgers; it is currently out of print, but an updated version will soon be available. All three are available from Mammal Society Sales, School of Biology, University of Bristol, Woodland Road, Bristol BS8 1UG. Paula Cox has produced a booklet entitled 'Badgers on Site - a Guide for Developers and Planners'; this is obtainable from The Department of Highways and Planning, Berkshire County Council, Shire Hall, Shinfield Park, Reading RE2 9XG. Penny Cresswell, Warren Cresswell and Michael Woods have produced a guide to artificial badger setts entitled 'Bunkers and dream Homes for Badgers - the Country Life Guide to artificial Badger Setts'; this is available from the National Federation of Badger Groups (see Chapter 11. Useful Addresses). Problems with rehabilitating badgers (and other animals) are discussed in the 'Proceedings of the Inaugural Symposium of the British Wildlife Rehabilitation Council', edited by Stephen Harris and Tim Thomas and available from The Wildlife Department, RSPCA, Causeway, Horsham, West Sussex RH12 1HG. A useful booklet entitled 'The Care, Treatment and Rehabilitation of badgers' is produced by The Wildlife Hospital Trust (see Chapter 11. Useful Addresses). The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food produce a leaflet entitled 'Bovine Tuberculosis Advice on Keeping Badgers & Cattle Apart', which is available from their Bristol office (see Chapter 11. Useful Addresses); it gives practical advice to farmers on how to reduce the risk of TB transmission to their cattle. Badger tunnels and fences are described in detail by Jane Ratcliffe in her article Wildlife and Highways, published in the 'Journal of the Institution of Highways and Transportation', November 1984, pp. 19-21.

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