< > J81 - Journal of Animal Ecology

Organisation British Ecological Society, London, UK 0021-8790
Publisher Blackwell Science Publications, Oxford, UK 1932 (Vol. 1) -
ISSN 0021-8790

Specific Chapter/Section References

Ref. Year Authors Title Vol. Pages
J81.3.w1 1934 Findlay, G.M. & Middleton, A.D.F. Epidemic disease among voles (Microtus) with special reference to Toxoplasma 3 150-160
J81.4.w1 1935 Elton, C. & Davis, D.H.S. An epidemic among voles (Microtus agrestis) on the Scottish border in the spring of 1934 4 277-288
J81.30.w1 1961 Lockley, R.M. Social structure and stress in the rabbit warren 30 385-423
J81.63.w1 1994 Micol, T., Doncaster, C.P. & Mackinlay, L.A Correlates of local variation in the abundance of hedgehogs Erinaceus europaeus 63 851-860
J81.72.w1 2003 Dahle, B. & Senson, J.E. Seasonal range sizes in relation to reproductive strategies in brown bears Ursus arctos 72 660-667
J81.72.w1 2003 Sauvage, F., Langlais, M., Yoccoz, N.G. & Pontier, D. Modelling hantavirus in fluctuating populations of bank voles: the role of indirect transmission on virus persistence 72 1-13

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