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Date 1968-1997
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Text Availability (e.g. HMSO / Copyright / Public Domain etc.) HMSO: Crown Copyright. The authoritative versions of Acts are usually the "Queen's Printer" copies (often published by The Stationery Office Limited). Details of how to obtain the authoritative versions are available through Website Ref - W65 - Her Majesty's Stationary Office (HMSO)
Brief Overview / Significance
  • This Act regulates the sale, possession and use of firearms and their ammunition; this includes the delivery of remote injection anaesthetics.
  • Regulations may change rapidly and the latest legislation should be consulted.
  • The ownership and use of firearms and ammunition is regulated under Firearms Acts 1968 to 1997. A permit is required before a “captive bolt” type of weapon or a bullet-firing weapon (or a shotgun) is obtained. The person wishing to obtain either of these must apply to the Chief Constable of the district in which he/she lives for a Firearms Certificate. (D64)
  • The use of dart guns (including rifles, pistols, blowpipes or any other projector weapon discharging tranquilliser darts) is regulated under the Firearms Acts 1968 to 1997. Under this legislation ( Section 5(1)(B) of The Firearms Act 1968) these are classified as "prohibited weapons"; acquisition of such a weapon requires an authority from the Home Office as well as a permit from the local Chief Constable. Applications are made to the Home Office, F.8 Division, Room 610, 50 Queen’s Anne’s Gate, London SW1H 9AT; at the same time the person applying should inform the Chief Constable of their local district that the application has been made. (B156.21.w21, D64)
NOTES - Amendments / Relation to other legislation

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