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Date 1968-1997
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Brief Overview / Significance
  • Any collection containing non-domesticated animals which is open to the public (whether a fee is charged or not) for more than seven days a year requires a zoo licence under the Zoo Licensing Act 1981 (B156.21.w21). 
  • Requires that the zoo/collection be licensed and stipulates conditions including regular major inspections.
  • Fees are charged for both inspections and licences. (B156.21.w21)
  • Under EC Regulation 338/97 if any animal included on Annex A of CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) is on display to the public for gain an Article 10 Certificate must be obtained; a zoo may obtain an Article 30 Certificate covering the display of all Annex A specimens in their collection. (D53).
  • Establishments requiring a Zoo Licence must comply with the Secretary of State's Standards of Modern Zoo Practice which provides detailed guidance on the requirements for keeping non-domestic species. (V.w6)
  • The Hazardous Animals list of the Secretary of State's Standards of Modern Zoo Practice should be consulted when considering species-specific information. (V.w6)
NOTES - Amendments / Relation to other legislation

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